Cavendish Advocacy has been retained by regional housing association Aster since 2016, and provides a comprehensive and coordinated stakeholder engagement plan aimed at helping Aster to raise awareness of its brand amongst political stakeholders, and to build its reputation as a reliable, innovative and customer drive housing association.

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Cavendish has helped Aster to show thought leadership around how Government can work with housing associations and vice-versa to ensure that new housing and accommodation is built in partnership with communities, and in line with the objectives of local authorities.

Cavendish also works to ensure that Aster has strong relationships with the local authorities in which they currently manage (or are building) housing developments. This had helped to deliver strong lines of communication between Aster and its partner local authorities, ensuring that any housing delivered meets not only council requirements, but also those of their local communities.


  • Cavendish has worked in partnership with Aster to support their corporate priorities and to communicate their mantra of making sure that ‘everyone has a home’ to key stakeholders in Government, Westminster and amongst local authorities.