US-UK Free Trade Agreement: The next step in the special relationship

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The transition to the Biden administration means a new approach to transatlantic trade, and a new course for America and its approach to foreign policy. Meanwhile across the pond, the UK aims to deliver on its post-Brexit international ambitions for trade and diplomacy as it prepares to host the G7, COP26 and enter new trade agreements.

In our webinar with international law firm Cozen O’Connor and its bipartisan government relations team, hear leading strategists and trade experts from the US and the UK discuss:


  • The new Biden administration and Democratic Congress
  • The state of play in post-Brexit Britain
  • How changes in leadership and priorities will reset the Special Relationship and US-UK trade talks
  • How businesses in the US and UK should be preparing for a trade deal

    Resetting the Special Relationship and the US-UK Trade Agenda