July, 2021
11:00 - noon



Webinar: Roadmap 2030: Shaping UK-India trade & defining our strategic partnership

The UK and India have long had a special relationship, with 1.5 million Britons of Indian origin living in the UK and the India being our second largest foreign investor.

But as post-Brexit Britain embarks on an exciting era of trade deals, a new partnership between the UK and India will be key for both countries, with the UK Government recently publishing its 2030 vision for a revitalised and dynamic UK-India connection. The goal: Elevating the India-UK relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

We are delighted to host a UK-India trade webinar on Tuesday 6 July 2021 from 11am – noon BST which will explore Roadmap 2030 and delve into the progress made so far, as well as the process, challenges, obstacles and opportunities for British and Indian industry.


Lord Kamall

Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham is Chief Executive Officer of Competere, Chairman of Global Vision and an academic fellow to the IEA. Shanker has recently been appointed to the Trade and Agriculture Commission. He sits on the Wilton Park Advisory Committee and is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bretton Woods Committee. Shanker was an advisor to the US Trade Representative and to the UK Trade Secretary on international trade issues and is a non Government Adviser to the International Competition Network. He is one of the world’s leading international trade and competition experts and a regular commentator on TV, radio and in newspapers. Shanker has chaired the market  access/WTO practices of two global law firms. He has advised parliamentarians and  government ministers on the overall approach to UK trade policy including the Brexit  negotiations. He is also the Policy Lead of the Trader Support Service Consortium,  which is delivering on behalf of HMG the implementation of the NI Protocol. He has authored over 100 articles and book chapters, as well as the leading textbook on the interface between trade, competition and regulatory issues.

David Henig

David Henig

David Henig is an Expert Advisor to the UK Trade and Business Council, Director of the UK Trade Policy Project at the think-tank European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and one of the UK’s leading authorities on trade policy. He joined Cavendish Advocacy’s Advisory Board earlier this year and writes extensively on the trade implications of Brexit and what’s next for UK trade policy. Prior to joining ECIPE, he worked for the UK Government, including establishing the Department for International Trade. David is a co-founder of the UK Trade Forum, and discusses trade issues frequently in the media, advising businesses and stakeholder groups on trade policy.

Pallavi Bajaj

Pallavi Bajaj

Pallavi Bajaj is an International Trade Policy Advisor working with various international organisations and chambers of commerce on issues of trade policy at the intersection of trade and technology. She is Partner (Founder), TCube Consulting, a platform for stakeholder engagement and expert advisory on the interplay between trade, taxes and technology. Pallavi is a digital services entrepreneur working as Director, Ballistic Learning (open source (e)learning solutions), Director, Risk Advisory, ApnaDr (telemedicine), and Managing Director, Little Yellow Beetle (digital media solutions).



Pallavi Bajaj

Darya Galperina

Darya Galperina is the Head of International Trade at Pernod Ricard. She leads the company’s strategy on international trade and represents Pernod Ricard on a number of European and international trade and external policy forums. She chairs the external trade committee of European spirits association, spiritsEUROPE.

Darya holds a Master’s Degree in international trade law and economics from the University of Bern, World Trade Institute, Switzerland. Before joining Pernod Ricard she worked in Estonian Tax and Customs Board and the European Commission.


Alex Challoner

Gareth Morgan

Gareth has over a decade’s experience in advising leading brands on relations with policy-makers in Westminster and Whitehall. Prior to working in public affairs he was a think tank researcher and as such he is the agency lead on developing thought leadership content for clients to underpin profile raising and network building.

He has broad sectoral experience having advised a range of brands including Starbucks, Google, Infosys, East Midlands Airport, the Business Travel Association, London School of Economics and Keolis UK.