November 2021

Written by:

Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley

Associate Director

The Race to Net-Zero

Today marks one year since the Prime Minister launched his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The plan was designed to ensure that not only does the UK meet its 2050 net-zero goal, but that it is done in a way that will grow the green economy, position the UK as a global leader, and support the creation of jobs across the country.

The plan identified ten key sectors which will be essential to decarbonisation and growing the green economy. Whilst there has been undeniable progress in some areas, others have somewhat languished. Some sectors have seen considerable support from the Government, both in terms of policy development and funding, others have not been so fortunate. Which of these sectors have succeeded and why, and what is needed for all to succeed?

Today, we launch our “Race to Net Zero” project. Over the coming months, we will do a deeper dive into each of the ten sectors, looking at the political and policy landscape which underpins each one, and what still needs to be done if the Prime Minister’s ambitions for a green industrial revolution are to be realised.


We will hear from business leaders, industry experts and politicians on what has been achieved and what they think the Government still needs to do. We will look at what impact COP26 has had, if any, on spurring politicians into action. We will be sharing research, insights and analysis into each key sector, and we will be running a series of events bringing together businesses, politicians and other key stakeholders to look at what more can be done to ensure all ten sectors reach the finish line.

We do hope you will join us in the “Race to Net Zero”!

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