November 2020
11:00 - 12:00


Via webinar

Webinar – Roundtable: Winning work internationally

This special Infrastructure Intelligence roundtable event, featuring our Managing Director Alex Challoner, will focus on the international sector and examine the key trends, developments and the prospects for UK firms looking to work overseas. In the post-Brexit business landscape, it is likely that some firms will need to cast their horizons further afield in the search for work opportunities.

A recent study by the UK Department for International Trade identified around 25 separate infrastructure export-related initiatives underway highlighting the growing recognition of a key export sector, but there are concerns about the need for better coordination.

The merger of DFID and FCO into a new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Department may signal a welcome level of coordination and this roundtable will look at what this all means for infrastructure firms looking to work internationally.

Get the low-down on winning work overseas by attending this roundtable discussion.